Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Welcome to the Household personalised print

With Christmas fast approaching (yes I know its only September, but we have to prepare, right?) I thought I should show you some other bit and bobs. Last Christmas, NOTHS did really well for me. I joined them around November and was surprised with the orders I I received. My best seller by far was my personalised "Welcome to
the Household" Print. I think maybe because its more affordable as a present, but also, its the perfect present for that couple or family that you just don't know what to get. You cant go wrong with this print, with many colour backgrounds available and the personalisation of the families name, it'd be hard to mess it up really.

Don't get me wrong, papercuts are where my heart is, BUT I love designing prints and coming up with new and interesting ideas. I welcome ideas from anyone and love hearing feedback from people.
These are available online through botonthehighstreet.com, or through myself at orders@cutting-edge-frames.com
Anyway, this blog is still looking a bit bare so I best get posting! watch this space tomorrow where I'll be featured on hearthomemag.co.uk

Much love x

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