Friday, 21 September 2012

Something New...

Well its been a while since Ive uploaded anything different, so today i finally got chance to taking a few snaps of some new additions. These ones are all generic which means they cost less, but call can be personalised if requested :) These ones are a little more intricate than some of my others, but i think the

detail and fine lines, add to the papercuts unique quality. The Large quote piece was
originally designed to be A4 in size, but as the lines were TOO fine, i had to scale it up a bit, even though some of the lines are still 0.4mm thick, yikes!

I haven't really left my village in a while, and think I'm in need of a break to get some more quality inspiration. My days at the moment consist of sitting in autocad, illustrator and photoshop, and holding a scalpel. Ive been happy to receive orders right from London, to New York, to Australia. I love creating new pieces and when the person receiving it sends an email to thank me, it is all worth it.
These pieces have been worked on for a little while now, and its about time i got them on the old blog!

Watch this space, because in the next couple of weeks, i shall be getting the Christmas papercuts uploaded. available personalised or generic. Last orders will be mid December (if you want them for Christmas) 

Anyways, thanks pretty much it for now, I'm more creative visually, so writing isn't my strong point, and that's that.

Hope you are all enjoying yourselves, looks as though summer has officially put it hat away for the year. On comes the heating and out come the jumpers!

Terry x

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